GooseChase is virtual trivia/find-it game that allows you to either participate in person, or completely virtually! You can complete missions by either answering a question through text, submitting a photo, or sharing your GPS location. All you have to do is sign up for whichever game you’d like to participate in and complete as many missions as possible!

GooseChase is also an awesome opportunity to get connected to several different offices on campus and win some really cool prizes! To participate in a GooseChase game, please follow the directions below:

  1. Download Goose Chase on your smartphone!
  2. Create a profile that includes your full name!
  3. Use the code below to join a GooseChase game that will help you learn more about our campus and traditions!
  4. Complete as many missions as possible to earn as many points as you can!
  • Campus Tour (Orientation & Transition Programs): 6753Z4